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Handsome hotel info
<<handsome hotel.pdf>>
One of the bus operator is FREEGO (chinese name is “flying dog”) http://www.freego.com.tw
NT135, 60-90mins. No idea where are the designated stops. Have to ask around. Hotel cannot advise.
Cab is >NT1000 from airport to hotel, should be reasonable also.

Wulai springs info from forum
There are plenty of Nice Hot springs in Wulai: Here is a list prepared by CC:
Full Moon Spa –
(Located in the Wulai “old street”/bus terminus area, recommended by hot spring fans that I know)
Pause Landis –
Spring Park Urai –
(Probably the 2 most luxurious spas in Wulai, located along the route from Xindian to Wulai)
Wulai Spring –
(10-min. walk from Wulai bus terminus; free shuttle available)
Sun Moon Light –
(“Sister spa” of Full Moon Light, located along the road from Xindian to Wulai)
Rice –
(Overlooks Wulai old street area)
Sky Life Spring –
(Located along the Xindian-Wulai route; shuttle service available)

Tai Yang Bing (Suncake) – buy from Jiufen (“nine shares”)
Two of Taipei’s most famous shops for traditional Taiwanese cakes and pastries:
LI JI The pineapple cakes (feng li xu)—little squares with pineapple filling—are their most popular item.
Taipei Leeichi:
No. 73 Chang An E. Rd. Sec. 2

Shueh Hwa Jai
– No. 81 Gueiyang St. Sec. 2, south Ximending
– No. 166 Nanjing E. Rd. Sec. 4

Pineapple Tarts:
VIGOR BAKERY HOUSE 維格食&#21697;&amp;#26377;限&#20844;司
Pineapple Tart: Best in Keelung
Li(2) Gu(3) Bing Dian 李鵠餅&#24215;. Address: 基隆市&#20161;&amp;#19977;路90&#34399;. Only 1 shop no branch. Tel: (02)2422 3007. 24278007

電話:(02)2831-3422 (02)2832-2889

Tai Yang Bing: Original shop in Taichung:
Taiyangtang 太陽堂 @ No. 23 Tz-yo Rd. Sec. 2, Taichung 台中市&#35199;&amp;#21312;自&#30001;路二&#27573;23號 Tel: 04-22222662

Moachi in Taipei:
3 Uncle:
Royal Family Food :


Currency Exchange

21 10 2007

When I went taipei, the only place to change currency is at airports and banks, so better change in advance and hope you don’t run out of cash on wkends.

Pls note that only the central taiwan bank in taipei accept SGD conversion. KNN got to run around taipei like mad few yrs ago just to change NTD

us currency/ nt. note that their bank closes at 3pm, and there arent any money changers ard

Scanned pages from travel magazine – from online

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Shi Lin Night Market

21 10 2007


Shi Lin Night Market
Offers Dining, Shopping and Entertainment at Cut-rate Prices

By Josephine Lin Translated by Matt Godsey and Annie Chen

Beyond a doubt, Shi Lin Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Taipei, making it a long-time favorite among residents and tourists, locals and foreigners. Located in the Shi Lin (Shihlin) area, it surrounds Yang Ming Theater, extending in all directions as far as Wen Lin, Ji He, Da Dong and Da Nan roads.

Since it’s such a huge market, almost any product imaginable, not to mention any kind of food, can be found there. The products are of good quality and quite inexpensive, so that you’re sure to get your money’s worth. In fact, the deals are so good that they draw large crowds even on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, however, the market becomes a veritable ocean of people, best described by the Chinese expression, “people mountain, people sea” .

Those who brave the crowds usually do so for two reasons: to shop and to eat. However, there are a few other places near the market that are worth a visit. These are noted below in the “fun places” section and, together with suggestions for food and shopping, provide a good overview of all that this fascinating market has to offer.




FOOD–When you go to Shi Lin Night Market, be sure not to eat beforehand. The food there is simply too delicious to pass up. The prices are low, the servings are generous and the variety seems endless–cold, hot, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, fish, fowl; if it can be eaten, they probably have it. Don’t worry about not being able to find what you want to eat. Rather, worry that you might not be able to finish everything you want.

The best place to begin is right in front of Yang Ming Theater (1F, 113, Wen Lin Rd.; tel. 02-2881-4636) at Hao Da Chicken Steak, which claims to be the originator of the chicken steak in Taiwan. When you see a line of these golden chicken steaks, you’ll probably be as awed as I was by their size, about twice as big as those at other eateries. Take a bite, and you’ll find the skin crispy and the meat tender and juicy. Each piece costs just NT$40. The next stand is Ten Dollar Barbecue, where they sell barbecued skewers of squid, chicken wings, bean curd and more, for NT$10 apiece. The owner covers each skewer with his special sauce, then barbecues it until its fragrance fills the air. If you’re thirsty, the beverage stand next door sells herb tea, sour plum juice, star fruit juice, chrysanthemum tea and wintermelon tea. The owner emphasizes that these are all made with quality ingredients and brewed with care, making them delicious and very healthful.

Take a few steps forward and you’ll find a stand that has been selling scallion pancakes for more than 20 years. These pancakes are deep-fried, and come either with or without egg. Try dipping one into the owner’s special garlic sauce or sweet-spicy sauce and I guarantee that, with one bite, you’ll be addicted.

Turn the corner and you’ll find a stand that sells broad noodles for NT$25. They’re fried until they’re crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside. They have a pork and mushroom filling, and are topped with garlic, soy sauce, and chili sauce. Each noodle is about the size of the palm of your hand, so it will satisfy your taste buds without filling you up. Nearby, there are also stands selling the big, shiny barbecued sausages that can only be found at Shi Lin Night Market.

From a distance, you can see the line of customers waiting for famous Shanghai Fried Buns (sheng jian bao). These delicacies come with either a vegetable filling of cabbage and mushrooms or a meat filling of pork and scallions. As the patiently waiting customers like to note, “You haven’t been to Shi Lin Night Market if you haven’t had Shanghai buns.” But be careful when biting a freshly-cooked bun, lest you get burned by the hot juice inside. The next stand makes a unique kind of pearl milk tea that can be highly addictive. The “pearls” are soft, chewy tapioca balls that are simply a pleasure to eat, compelling entranced consumers to chew one after another.

Nearby is an elderly couple that has been selling spring rolls for 30 years. Their rolls (NT$30 per order) are stuffed with more than 10 ingredients, including pork, cabbage, bean sprouts, fried egg and bean curd. Take a few steps forward and you’ll be drawn towards the aroma of Da Xi Sha Chao Lu-Wei (stew). The addition of barbecue sauce to the stew is what makes this eatery stand out from the rest, and it probably explains why folks keep coming back for more. Ingredients are all very fresh; once they sell out, there’s no more, so come early if you want some.

Although we’ve already described many kinds of food, our food safari is not over yet. If you walk through the next alley, you’ll find a lot more waiting for you. There’s fried squid, tempura, teppanyaki, Cantonese congee, flavored ice, oyster omelets and much more, and its all very inexpensive. The most interesting food here is probably the “little roll wrapped in a big roll”, another snack unique to Shi Lin. The little rolls come in two types, sweet and salty. The sweet rolls are filled with peanuts, taro or jujube paste, while the salty rolls are stuffed with curry or a spicy filling. These are pan-fried until crispy, then crushed and wrapped in a spring roll wrapper, and then in a softer wrapper, creating a wonderful texture.

Hai You Si Quan Ribs on Ji He Road is very famous for its Chinese medicinal rib and mutton dishes. “We adjust our medicinal herbs in accordance with the change in the seasons,” says the owner. “So you can come here in any season to eat nourishing food. The winter is an especially good time to come for a bowl of steaming hot ribs.” I have to admit that the soup here is so fresh and the meat is so delicious that I completely forgot about the medicinal value of what I was eating.

And yet, only a fraction of the food available at Shi Lin Night Market has been described. There are also exotic dishes like frog eggs, octopus balls, Dongshan duck head, spicy bean curd, and Three Brothers Dou Hua (sweet bean curd snacks). There’s Xin Fa Ting flavored ice on An Ping Street, a 30-year-old store that sells every possible kind of flavored ice. There’s also a cheap and delicious hot pot store on Wen Lin Road. The list goes on and on. But, unless you have an enormous stomach, there’s no way you can try all of these foods in a single visit; you’ll probably have to come back several times. And, if you’re a light eater, you might consider bringing some friends with hearty appetites so that you can at least have the vicarious pleasure of watching them chow down.

SHOPPING–There are a number of schools near Shi Lin Night Market, so students are the main customers for the many inexpensive, high-quality products available. Everyday items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and CDs–pretty much anything you can think of–are sold here. There is a great deal of competition between stores selling the same kinds of products, so you should remember to compare prices before buying to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. Shoes, clothing and accessories are all of the latest styles, making this a great place to make yourself chic and beautiful for as little cash as possible.

You can also find everything you need to prepare for a change of seasons. In the winter, you can buy everything you need to fend off the cold–a windbreaker, scarves, socks, hats and boots. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young or old, everyone can find a wide selection that suits them, both in size and style.

You really don’t know know Shi Lin Night Market if you think it only has roadside stands. There are some very famous brand-name stores that sell heavily-discounted, off-season products, including the Esprit store on Wen Lin Road, across from the gas station. Half of the first floor sells Red Earth cosmetics, while the other half and the entire second floor are devoted to off-season clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, with a fairly complete selection. Last year’s products are sold at 65 percent off, and those from the year before last start at just NT$50. But the best part is that you get to try on all of the clothes. If you look carefully enough, you’ll probably find something that’s just right for you.

Mo Man Dun, also on Wen Lin Road, sells athletic gear and has low prices for brand-name athletic clothing and shoes. If you’re in the market for some new sports shoes, it will certainly be worth your while to check here first. Take a few more steps down the street and you’ll find two well-known stores, Baleno and Bossini, selling clothes that are still in fashion for less than 50 percent of the market price. Many other stores at Shi Lin Night Market also sell their products at prices that are far below those found elsewhere, partly because they want people to come to the market and partly because they need to compete with all the other shops.

Fashion accessories, especially those from Japan, are popular items here. The main market for these is on An Ping Street, to the left of Yang Ming Theater. All the hottest products can be found there and the variety of toys, bags, stuffed animals and cell phone decorations is simply mind-boggling. If you walk down An Ping Road, it won’t take long to figure out what the most popular product happens to be at the moment. At present, this seems to be the “momo” bear from Japan and a certain rabbit from Korea. There are numerous shops selling cartoon products, including a three-floor store named “Kitty Cat” which has every kind of stuffed animal and doll imaginable. It sells a lot of Hello Kitty products which are imported directly from Japan and can’t be found anywhere else, including Lavender Kitty from Hokkaido, Hello Kitty with leopard-skin clothes and Hello Kitty in traditional Japanese dress.

Recently, more and more people have become interested in traditional Chinese clothing and there are several stores catering to that fad. There is also an interesting store on the corner of Wen Lin and Ji He roads that sells only Coke and Swatch products. The owner, an avid Coke and Swatch devotee, is willing to either directly sell his products or trade them for other Coke or Swatch merchandise. His store has almost 2,000 Swatch watches–both the latest and earlier models–for sale, making it even more comprehensive than Swatch specialty stores, which only carry new watches. There are even some rare watches that were produced in limited numbers.

FUN–In addition to all the shopping and food, Shi Lin Night Market also has movie theaters, video arcades and KTVs. On both the right and left sides of the Ri Yang Department Store on Ji He Road there are arcades featuring weightlessness and virtual reality machines. You can experience this cutting-edge technology for a mere NT$100. If you come early before the market opens, head over to the FINS Taipei Sea World on Ji He Road for a look. After your visit to the market, and you’ve had your fill of eating, drinking and shopping, you can head up to Yang Ming Mountain to enjoy the night views and take a dip in the hot springs. Or, try your luck at bolwling at the Yuan Shan bowling alley. There are also the grounds of the art museum nearby available for a peaceful stroll to finish off your evening.

With so much available in almost every category of dining, shopping and entertainment, there is little doubt that Shi Lin Night Market will continue to provide an endless supply of attractions and discoveries for all visitors, whether you’re a jaded veteran or a first-timer.


There are several ways to get to Shi Lin Night Market.
You can take the MRT Danshui line to Chientan Station, or take bus 216, 217, 218, 203, 224, 266, 269, 277, 280, 308, or 310 to the MRT Chientan Station, Min Chuan University, or Xiao Bei (Hsiao Pei) Street. Or, of course, you can simply take a taxi.

misc from vrzone

21 10 2007

Guang Hua for IT stuffs. Shih Lin, Wu Fen Pu and any other night markets for cheap clothings and ladies’ accessories.


ainbow is smack in the center of ximenting…
at night (12mn)… outside califonia fitness… will have pimps hahahaha

and you can have ah zhong mian xian

from XMT MRT station…you go 2 o’clock into the centre where rainbow is located.. along the way.. look out on your right… for a yellow sign board and red words (IIRC) for ah zhong mian xian.

and if you want more food… there alot also.

do not be folled by buildings like lucky plaza.. a lot to see inside also. and basement also got good food.
most shops will allow you to brinf drinks in.. as some shops do not sell drinks )))

if you wanna by kids clothes for your godson… there is this shop (its almost everywhere as in major shopping centre) “Why and 1/2” very interesting but expensive clothes

SOGO along Dong xiao dong lu…must go take the LIFT
YES! just go take it and you will understand.. even if escalator is easier…

if you are really bored and nothing to do in @ like 3~4am…. there is a street with 3~4 24hrs bubble tea house.. but do not be fooled.. got food and beer one also..
best part is can smoke also.

it is nicked named cha jie (tea street) it is at the bank lane of building that houses a disco called LUXY (luc-cee)
me and scy just love the place.. I am sure you know why. I believe the one in the middle is best.

as for HW….
If you stay in Ximen.. 1 train station away is taipei Main train station… there you will find… a building called NOVA…

and a stone’s throw away is K-Mall….there is a gundam shop in K-Mall… BIG! K-Mall also have some HW. go to the basement IIRC.. got sell DVD?VCDs…. porn and hentai all got hahahahahaha..


because there is a lot of small lane dah hahahah.. 2o’clock got a mac’d simple

Shi Lin got 2 types of XXXL Chicken chop/grill

the fried one is the norm one that you see here.. but over there they use a full chicken.. hahahaha

the other one is grilled… better

And eat all the different type of pau there also.
Gyoza shops are good if you see any around.
@ Shilin area.. they have bar-kut-teh also.. but more herbal type… if you take train hor.. you stop 1 stop before ShiLin MRT station… then right in front there is a consolidation of food malls.

on the right… 3 o’clock again is the various stalls
and @ 2 o’clockyou see some red sign boards selling the Bar-Kut-teh.

Another thing worth trying is peanut blended with shaved ice…. hua sheng bing sha… happening dah. get from those ice ice desert stall…

if in season.. Mango Surprise also good (man guo shuang!)
the shave ice is replaced by iced milk!!!
singapore got also.. but ex…

not much soo-bee-ner worth buying..
pineapple tart/cake is nice but ex.. depends on where you buy.

Metal Egg also quite nice….

try to make your way to dan shui (plain water???) hahahahaha i believe got on-sen..

No to eat too much at 1 stop.
buy 1 item and share… then you get to eat a good variety of food.

…. and stay clear of oily stall with their fumes coming your way..
most probably smelly toufu……

Rainbow at $50 SGD per night?? so cheap ah? Is it per person or per room?

The air tix at $650 is quite expensive unless u flying SQ..

China Airlines is only about $500+ with tax..

The hotel i stayed in is not near Xi men, but walking distance to MRT.
Cost $70 per nite.. or $90 per nite for their bigger room with jacuzzi.. hehe..
if u guys squeeze 4 per room, then can save alot! hahaha..
else the double bed can sleep 2..

“Guang Hua Shang Chang” is located at Ba De road 八得路。。
Any taxi driver will know how to take u there..

From the airport to hotel, u can take the airport express bus service, iirc, it’s less than S$10 pax.. i think NT$80 or NT$180.. can’t remember le..

if u wan to book hotel, use www.eztravel.com.tw

2006/07/06 台北儂美大飯店,009豪華雙人房, 一大床,2客, 2006/07/14 NT$4,440

this was wat i got last time i start for 3 days there… S$220 for 3 nites..

Nw i see, got some hotels rooms look not bad, only $45 per night!]

Transport in Taipei

Transport from Airport to City
From CKS to Taipei, there are coaches that bring you from the airport to Taipei train station. Taipei train station is in a central location in Taipei and from there you can take MRT, bus or taxi to any hotel. The fare is about NT160 to NT200 if i am not wrong. If you are taking taxi to taipei, the cost is about NT1300.

Major cities have an abundance of taxis. Charges are NT$70 for the first 1.5km and NT$5 for each additional 300 meters. An additional NT$5 is charged for every two minutes of waiting, and a 20% surcharge is added to fares between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., NT$10 dollars tip needed for cab dispatched by phone and for luggage placed in taxi trunk. Charges may be raised during Chinese New Year holidays. Basically, taxi fares in all major cities are set by local city government itself and are in a minor discrepancy. Out-of-town or long-distance travels may not apply to meter charge; travelers are suggested to confirm charging method before getting on taxi.

Easy card, you can pick it up at the nearest 7/11 NT500/–(refundable NTD100) Top up at the MRT Station NTD100s. (Refund amount and balance -get back on your last day) The Taipei card not so complicated as in Singapore where it does too many things. Just for MRT and City Bus (Not Guoguang Bus)

There is also a one day unlimited usage card for tourist. But the easy card is still better and more convenient. The Easy card is good for the MRT and Bus. If you switch from the MRT to Bus or vice versa within an hour of Exit, you get an automatic discount.

(Click on Passenger Service->Metro Guide. Click on Route Map on the left will give you a map of their mrt system. Clicking on individual station will open up a map of the area around the station. Good for using these maps to explore your way as most of mrt stations are situated next to their places of interest)


Taipei Railway

 Shopping in Taipei

Zhong Xiao Dong Lu (忠孝东路)
Zhong hsiao dong lu is the entire stretch like orchard road. Lots of high class shopping and departmental stores. Alot of independent labels too. It stretches from from 3 MRTs stops zhong hsiao dun hua to zhong hsiao fuxing. Fushing and Dunhwa is linked with an Underground Mall.

Taipei Main Station
The other underground malls are at the Taipei Main Station. The Front Station mall is shorter and the other is at the Rear, known as Taipei Metro Mall. This is long. Both are good places to pick up bargains – shoes at NT200/ Undies/Socks from NT30 up, Hats/Caps/Umbrellas/Tshirts from NT100/- Fung Hsui stuff (neat stuff to giveaway From NT10 ~NT50) When you get tired of walking, there are places there to eat or have a cuppa. 新光三越 also in Taipei Main Station.

Hsinyi District
Taipei 101 shopping centers: New York, New York, 新光三越 n Warner Village. High class shopping area.

WuFenPu (五分埔) – HouShanPi MRT (wholesale clothes market)
After Singkong Mitsukoshi in Xinyi, Cross the road to Warner Village Bus Stop and take Bus 611 or 284 to Wufenpu about 7 mins away. You don’t have to go to MRT (waste of time and a long walk). Wufenpu is good on weekends avoid going on a Monday. This is a wholesale shopping haven for the ladies.

Guanghua Market
IT Market. Baide Road (八德) – next to ZhongXiao XinSheng Station
Old one tear down. New location. MRT Stop Zhongxiao Xinsheng > Exit 4 > Turn right, walk to second junction , turn left , walk 2 mins to new location.

IMO, the NOVA building booest recommended is more like Funan IT mall to me. Guanghua Market is the SLS. It is an entire street. I din have the chance to go there.

Miramar Entertainment Park (Ferris Wheel)
Famous for the ferris wheel on top of a shoppng centre
No. 20 JingYe 3rd Rd, Zhongshan dist. Taipei
Take MRT to Jiantan station, and then take Miramar shuttle bus
Or Take city Bus 167, it will get you there. NTD15 (NTD8 if transfer from MRT to bus)

From there, take their free bus back to Jiantan, or from across the main road, Bus 247 or 287 back to Taipei Main Station.

TianMu (天母)
Zhongshan N Rd any section (Close to Flowers) and take bus: 220. to the end (Sec 7) Last Stop [2 sections cost you NTD30/-] Most shops open after 2 pm till about 9.30. If you are on the MRT, then you can take it to Shipai. Then walk out of Station, left side to traffic light, turn left to bus stop. Take Bus 224 to the end (Sec 7), last stop. You will see all the shops when you walk down Section 7 on the left side of the road. Lots of shops also on TianMu West Rd as well (Not Factory outlets) Junction of TianMu West Rd and TianMu N. Rd. Great place to eat local food, worth a visit. (You will see them frying the NiuRo Shien Pin, Chung Pin e.t.c.)

Ximenting (XMT)
More for youngsters and teenagers. Most happening during weekends where singers sign autographs and movie stars doing promotions etc.

Raohe Night Market
Just walk over from WuFenPu.

Shilin Night market
Take MRT to Jiantan Station. Follow the crowd.

Huaxi Night Market
You can do Huashi St NM as it is not far from Cheng DU and then head for Shihlin from the Longshan Temple MRT Stop.

Taipei XiaoJuDan
Sort of like our indoor stadium but bigger and with shopping and restaurant


Food to Try

Jacky Wu’s “Tang Sui” / Desert shop – Tang Chao @ ZhongXiao DunHao Station Exit 4

· Ice Monster
Taiwan offers great tasting high quality snow ice desserts:

· Ding Tai Feng in Taiwan
Main︰信義路二段194號 Tel: (886) 2721 1890
Branch︰忠孝東路四段218號 Tel: (886) 2721 7890

· Things to Try at Various Places of Interest
1. Ah Zhong Mee Sua
2. Ya Rou Bian
3. Sun Bro Dessert
4. Duck Tongue
5. Pork chop and chicken drumstick rice at a underground store. It’s at the basement of ‘Wan Nian Da Sha’
6. chong zua bing (like roti prata)
7. da chang bao xiao chang – sausage with rice
8. Beef Noodel: Exit 4 of Ximen MRT, Walk into Hengyang Rd. Keeping Right. First major street: Taoyuan St. Walk to the end on the Left side. You see the guys preparing the beef noodles outside. Try their Hong Sao Niu Ro Mien. These chaps have been here for about 25 years.
9. Toilet Bowl Restaurant
Taipei Metro, Hsinpu Station, Exit 1
(02) 8253-7767



10. 继光街香香鸡
漢中街 127 号

1. 阿给
2. Tall Ice cream
3. Ah Ma 铁蛋
4. BBQ Squid

1. XXL Chicken
2. 大饼包小饼
3. 泡泡冰 – Super fine ice-kacang
4. 胡椒饼 – Raohe one better same brand one
5. 官材板 (‘coffin board’) – (big piece of fried bread with fillings)
6. 红油炒手 – looks like wanton but with spicy chili oil.
7. Taiwanese Fried Oysters (Hao Jian)

1. Seafood

1. Tea
2. Fishball
– Mua Chee
– 粉圆 (yam, sweet potato)

1. Snake soup??
2. Turtle soup

1. Deep fried small crabs (refer to few pages earlier)
2. Super smelly claypot 臭豆腐
3. 胡椒饼.

Shua Shua Guo

hot Springs

Hot Springs in Taipei
Beitou Hot Springs

You come out of Xin beitou MRT station u will see KFC. On the right u will see McDonald. Walk along that stretch of road. There are a lot of hot spring resorts on the right side. The public one is on the left.

– Tai Pin Yang Spa. There is a store just outside Xin Bei Tou Mrt Stn. The package for a private room is like 1099NT or 1199NT

– Asakusa Hot Spring House: Tel:2891 3366
Public and Private outdoor pools : NTD200 per hour.
Suites with Cypress Tubs: 2 hrs – NTD680 or NTD780 depending on room size.
Public pools in the Better resorts cost abot NTD600~NTD800 for 2~3 Hrs.

– Spa Spring Resort: Tel: 2897 9060 Fax:2897 9065

– Sweetme HotSpring Resort : Tel:2898 3838 Fax: 2898 4505

– Tong Nan Hotel: Tel:2896 9797 Fax: 2896 2567

– Ismeney Hallyard Resort: Tel: 2893 7779 Fax:2895 2279

– If you walk around Beitou, there are many more.

Recommend you book a private room, the price are quite reasonable but dun remember the amount. They have public pools but have to be naked for those.


cup instant noodles + real *freezed dried* beef

21 10 2007

if you have the chance, shld try instant noodles from taiwan.

when i was there, i ate the beef noodle soup, there’s really beef inside…real beef, no joke!

sony gps for cameras

9 10 2007


This device does a great job of easily and automatically recording your location, for later use in geocoding photos (or any other application where a GPS track would be useful).  You may, however, want to use a different software package to do the actual photo geocoding; the software provided with the unit is incredibly basic.

sony gps